What is Rosin

Rosin is a concentrated sticky resinous sap or oil that has been extracted and separated from the Cannabis plant material. It can be extracted from the plant buds, leaf trimmings or pollen. It is made by exposing the plant material to high heat and temperatures via a Rosin Press. This process results in the separation of the resinous sap from the plant material, leaving a potent and flavorful form of the active THC or CBD chemicals contained in the Cannabis plant.

The benefit of all this is that the end product is extracted in a solvent-less, and natural way unlike other methods of extraction that use harmful chemicals mentioned below.

What is a Rosin Press

A Rosin Press is a high pressure, high heat press designed to separate the active THC and CBD containing rosin from the Cannabis plant material in a natural solvent-less way. The process ensures activation of the THC and CBD without causing degradation to their potency or the natural flavors (Terpenes) of the plant. The final extracted concentrate typically contains between 60%-90% THC/CBD and is commonly known as Rosin, Dabs, Wax or Shatter.

What can I do with my Rosin?

The extracted Rosin has a multitude of uses and comes down to personal preference. It can be used in in your favorite cooking and baking recipes, check out our Cookbooks for ideas. It can also be processed with one of our Craft Kits into coconut oil, vape juice, capsules, drops, or smoked via a Dab Rig or Pipe.

Alternative extraction methods

Traditional methods of extraction use solvents such as Butane to extract the active ingredients from the Cannabis plant material. The problem with this method is multifaceted. Health and safety first and foremost. Butane and many other solvents are flammable which makes the process very dangerous. Residue solvent is often leftover in the final product which is not only unhealthy to consume but also affects the flavor.

Best of the best


The Sasquash Rosin Press manufactured in the USA is considered to be one of the best available in the market. Having won the High Times best Rosin Press of 2017 and having a large online following it certainly is a great machine. However one of these will cost you between $2000 and $4500 before shipping.


The Local Solution

Until recently the availability of Rosin Presses in South Africa has been limited to a small variety available at a few niche online stores in South Africa. Whilst importing is always an option the cost of landing a press of reasonable quality is astronomical. Thankfully Rosin Press South Africa has entered the market with a well priced, locally designed and manufactured press which is now available on our store.